Top Fuel

Level 1 Driver Practice & Burnouts

- Setup Car for Driver (Adjust Pedals, Steering Wheel, etc.)
- Fire Suit /Helmet Fitting
- Vehicle Familiarization - towing car down race track and return road
- Startup, Burnout, Reverse - Forward, Safety Practice - Static
- Startup, Burnout, Safety Practice - Engine Running on Stands
- Startup, Burnout, Safety Practice - Engine Running on Track

Level 1 includes:
Car, Fuel, Crew, Track, Ambulance, Hotels, Food, and Travel Expenses 


Driver - Startup Checklist:
- Fire Suit, Helmet, HANS
- Seatbelts, Arm Restraints, Gloves
- Parachutes = Live
- Transmission = Forward - Chute Levers = Set
- Fuel = Off
- Emergency Kill = Off
- Air (CO2) = On
- Cannon Position = Set
- Clutch = In
- Brake = On
- Right Foot = Off Pedal - Center of Car
- Racepac = On
- Ignition = On
- Ignition = Armed
- Acknowledge = Ready

- Crew ---> Going Live
- Upon initial engine firing = Fuel Shutoffs - Full On
- Upon Fuel Pressure (100 psi) = Trim Fuel Pressure to 60 PSI
- WAIT for commands


Driver - Burnout Checklist:
- WAIT for commands
- Crew---> Hand signal, move forward
- Right Foot = on "gas" pedal (no pressure)
- Brake = Release
- Clutch = Release
- As car moves forward =  apply slight pressure to "gas" pedal
- Crew---> Hand signal, start burnout
- Push "gas" pedal down, to burnout stop ( approx 1/4 inch)
- Hold for 3 seconds
​- Lift "gas" pedal, pull back on toe strap
- Clutch = In
- Brake = On (slowly - this is also opportunity to get heat into carbon fiber brakes, they may feel week initially )
- Come to full stop

Driver - Backup Checklist: (This will not be attempted until driver is comfortable in car)

NOTE This is probably the most dangerous procedure for a new driver:
* Driver must rely totally on communication with backup crew 
* Drastic castor on spindles for high speed stability make it tricky to steer in reverse (hold tight and move slowly)
* Must be done very slowly.

- Brake = Off
- Clutch = In
- Push reverser lever away from driver ( to R "reverse" position). If backup step is not completed, return lever towards driver       (D "forward" position), move car forward with  clutch, come to complete stop and try again.
NEVER release clutch with lever in middle "between" position!
- Brake = Off
- Clutch = Out 
- Crew---> Hand signals directing back on "grove"
- Crew---> Hand signal stop
- Clutch = In
​- Brake = On
- Crew---> Hand signal forward
- Pull reverser lever towards driver (D "forward" position) . If this step is not completed, return lever  away from driver( to R "reverse" position), move car with  clutch, come to complete stop and try again.
NEVER release clutch with lever in middle "between" position!
- Crew---> Hand signal Stop
- WAIT for commands​
- Crew---> Hand signal forward​ to pre stage (at this point the crew has positioned the rear of the car in the best position, it is now the drivers responsibility to point the car directly down the track, as moving forward to pre stage beam)
- Crew---> Hand signal Stop
- WAIT for commands​ and other driver/crew to comunicate with your crew to "be ready"
- Crew---> Hand signal forward pointing down track ( the driver is now in control of car)